7th SSNT Congress

(Abstract Submission)


Instructions to Authors

  • Title: Must contain the English title of the abstract
  • Authors name/s: First name, middle initial and the family name
  • Affiliated Institution: Department, institution, city and the country

The abstract should be typed in double-spaced using 12-point Times New Roman font on A4 sized paper (210x297 mm) with at least a 25 mm margin on all side. It must not exceed 300 words and should include the following sections: Objectives (background), Materials and Methods (include where and when the study took place), Results and Conclusion.

Abbreviations should first be identified (spelled-out) before its continued use throughout the abstract. Obscure abbreviations should be avoided. Likewise, slang and medical jargon should be left out unless these are now considered medically accepted terms in scientific research writing. The use of numbers at the start of a sentence should be avoided but when this becomes necessary, such numbers should be spelled-out. The numbers one to ten when used in the narrative should be spelled-out while the numbers beyond this could be written as numericals. However, numbers used to denote measurements and those used in a parenthesis to explain situations or locations or bibliographic notations should be written as only numericals.